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For sale is a project rally/rallycross WRX that I never will get to do. Time has passed and new priorities coupled with admitting I can't do everything has prompted me to send my dream down the river.
I purchased this car in its current state from a gentleman who used it as a track car on the east side of the state. He had installed a pre-bent roll cage from Rhodes Race Cars and done the other prep work to take it to Waterford Hills. He had it "calibrated" at Horsepower Techs in Clinton Township. I had intended to turn it into a pro rally car with my father, but I've found that the time for that has passed. I haven't done any work on it during the 4 years I've owned it. I had a separate 02 WRX that rusted out [RIP :'(] which I parted out to have as spares for this rally project.
The project plan for this car was: Redo roll cage to meet RA requirements, put the drivers window back in, buy a bunch of expensive safety stuff, go rally. It would be perfectly functional for rally cross as it is now.

Important bits:
2002 Subaru WRX
JDM EJ205 - Has AVCS hardware but not the correct ECU or wiring to use them
Roll cage with driver seat and harnesses

Useful Info:
Covered in stickers - good or bad
Braille Battery mounted in the trunk
Roll cage doesn't meet Rally America specs, welds of unknown quality
HP Techs "calibrated" the engine for durability, meaning they limited the boost to 10psi...
Currently sitting on old snow tires

Spare parts:
Radiator assembly
Front subframe and engine support
Rear subframe
Front steering rack with 15k on it
Rear Diff
All driveshafts
5 speed manual with worn out 1st gear syncros (Uncle Scotty's blend has the rest shifting so smooooooooth)
Kartboy Shift linkage
Stock springs and struts on 4 corners
SS lines to the calipers
DBA Rotors
Carbotech pad - Ate through a set of stock rotors without any visible change to the pad, hehe
Primitive Aluminum skid plate
Group N motor and transmission mounts
Group N steering linkage bushing
Kartboy solid end links
Kartboy adjustable rear sway bar (Great for sick oversteer!)
Taillights from a wagon (maybe they fit)
Headlights with HID's (rather finicky)

I have more photographs if you are interested, or can grab any specific shots you would like.
Located in West Michigan. I don't have a trailer to deliver it, so pickup by the buyer would be best.
Asking $10k, but please let me know if you have a counter offer.

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