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  • 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX (1 owner)
  • Built and serviced by FourStar Motorsports (Georgetown, On., Canada).
  • Car was fully rally prepared in 2010 by FourStar Motorsports.
  • Only 1 test day and 2 track days since it was built in 2010.
  • Appraised in Dec 2012 and graded P.A.V.E. Condition #2 (VERY GOOD): The Professional Association of Vehicle Evaluators (P.A.V.E) defined “VERY GOOD” as “An extremely presentable, well-operating vehicle, which upon very close inspection shows only the most minimal aging, wear, or damage. Vehicles in this classification would be brand new, seldom driven, or trailered.”
  • AWD, 2.0L, 4-cylinder, Dyno’d at 250 Wheel HP (WHP)
  • ECUTek Flashed and Tuned by FourStar Motorsports
  • Simplified Engine Wiring Loom
  • Turbo: STi vf39 (no restrictor)
  • 5 Speed Manual, 4.11 final drive with matching rear diff.
  • JDM Uppipe/Downpipe/Midsection exhaust
  • High-flow Catalytic

  • Front (4pot) / Rear (2pot) Group N Calipers and Wheel Scrapers
  • Front/Rear PFC Subaru Group N Pads
  • SS Brakelines
  • Brake Booster Removed for Better Pedal Response

Steering / Suspension:
  • HotBits RSI DT2 Rally Suspension with Proflex Gravel Spec Springs
  • Q-Rack Quick Ratio Steering Rack (12.5:1)
  • Upgraded STI Front steering knuckles & wheel bearings
  • Quick-release Sparco Steering Wheel
  • Re-enforced Lower Control Arms

  • Custom Kevlar Front Wheel Arch Liners w Wiring Loom protection
  • Front Skidplate
  • Rear Prodrive Gas Tank Guards
  • STi Roof Vent
  • Light-weight Front Bumper
  • Re-enforced Strut Towers
  • Braided and re-routed fuel lines
  • Re-routed brake lines for protection
  • Foam Filled Rocker Panels (anti-crush)
  • Sparco Hood Pins with Carbon Fibre Mounts

Wheels / Tires:
  • 4 Compomotive TH2 6.5x15” with Michelin Gravel Rally Tires
  • 4 Street 7x17” with Yokohama Performance Tires

Interior / Safety:
  • CARS Logbook
  • Custom Cages T-45 GDB Step 3 - 2006 Int FIA Homologated Rollcage
  • Corbeau Revolution Kevlar/Carbon Race Seats
  • Beltnix 5-point Race Harnesses
  • Halotron 2.5lb & 5lb Fire Extinguishers
  • Custom Anti-glare Flocked Dashboard (lightened)
  • Custom Carbon Fibre Front Door Panels
  • Custom Carbon Fibre / Line-X Floor Trays
  • Custom Carbon Fibre Center Console Panel
  • Lightened Rear Doors
  • Tinted Windows

Vehicle is located in Toronto, Canada.


Email [email protected] for more details. More pictures here: http://1drv.ms/1uC8Zt6

Hurry before I change my mind!
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