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For sale - class winning Subaru WRX rally car for a fraction of what it would take to replicate. Enter a rally tomorrow with this fast and reliable rally car.
This is a well-built and fully sorted rally car ready to compete.
Started as Group N car that competed in N4 class in Rally Mexico and Matthew Johnson placed 9th overall (first USA car) in the 2009 International Rally of Nations, Mexico.
Since, has been on the podium multiple times at Rally America. Placed 2nd in NLO Championship in 2016 and 3rd in NLO Championship in 2017.

2006 USDM 2.5L STI motor
2001 JDM 2.0L heads and intake manifold
Cp Pistons;
ARP Headstuds
Manley Rods;
King Main and Rod Bearings
Killer Bee Oil Pick Up;
Killer Bee Oil Baffle
IHI VF48 turbo
Mishimoto aluminum radiator
Cobb intake

2001 JDM STI 6-speed DCCD transmission w/carbon fiber synchos
2001 JDM STI 180 rear diff w/ Cusco rear LSD
2001 JDM STI rear hubs w/170mm DBA rotors
2001 JDM STI front hubs
2001 JDM STI GrpN 4/2-pot calipers w/WinMax brake pads
Proflex 60mm ball bearing gravel suspension w/adj remote reservoirs (fronts just rebuilt)

T45 FIA roll cage installed by VTCarFully seam welded chassis
DCCDPro Spiider+ controller with left foot braking option
Autronic ECU tuned for VP MS109e by Harvey at The Boost Creep
Reinforced slip jointed exhaust w/Nameless Rally Cat Exhaust Tip
Reinforced front and rear subframes
Full underbody protection w/front and rear skid plates

2001 JDM STI hood scoop
Seibon Carbon rear wing
External power shutoff and extinguisher switch
JDM roof ventCoralba C-Giant rally computer
Sparco Circuit II driver seat;
Cobra Evolution co-driver seat
OMP 6-point harnesses
Stilo WRC 03 intercom
Cusco acrylic windows front, rear and back
Cusco mud flaps front and rear
Complete Lifeline onboard fire system w/co-driver bottle
All stainless-steel brake lines
Soft bladder fuel cell
Night stage light pods

See also: http://www.rm-autosports.com/rally-car-for-sale/

Comes with minimum 5x Method 501 gravel wheels with gravel tires and 4x Enkei PF01 Tarmac wheels with tarmac tires. Limited spares parts including jack stands. $24,500.

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Brand new Lifeline 4.0L onboard fire system and new Lifeline co-driver bottle. New headlights, new driver's seat cover, new fuel pump, new fuel lines and new fuel filter. Fuel cell recently rebuilt with new foam. New driver and co-driver 6-pt harnesses installed. Ready for a full season of racing.
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