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This car is built primarily as a track car. Has most of an STI interior swap as well, including JDM drivers (was passengers in Japan) seat. All car functions work, lights, wipers, etc.

It is tuned on E85 and was last tuned by Paul at Yimi in March 2017 and made 440whp (dyno sheet available) via COBB Access Port. Also has a 91 Octane tune...and I am willing to get it tuned to other fuels for additional cost.
The rest of the driveline is all STI...6 speed, R180 diff, Brembos, aluminum control arms, etc. It is basically a full STI swap minus the motor. I wanted to keep the 2.0L block as I was looking for a slightly faster response and was not looking for an HP monster.

Every single mechanical part of this car is modified...all the mounts, suspension bits, driveline, brakes, etc. The car has @1800 miles since full rebuild.

-2.1L Stroker with Mahle pistons and Manley H Beam rods.
Heads were ported and polished and valves are and titanium springs are Supertech.
Has Kelford 199-J high lift cams.
The TGVs were replaced with Grimmspeed deleted units.
ARP studs.
Has an oil catch can (that actually works...hard thing to find on a Subby)
Cosworth oil pump and Mishimoto radiator.
There is an engine oil cooler tucked in front of the right front wheel where the fog light cover used to be.

Deatschwerks 1300 injectors.
Injectors are fed via an Aeromotive pump with a fuel swirl pot...no more fuel starvation in high G corners.

Unequal length header.
Blouch 2.5XTR full ball bearing turbo with a Tial full recirculating BOV.
HKS front mount.
Car has a high flow cat converter is fully smog compliant where it is registered...may not be in your area.
All the gasses exit via a 3-inch stainless pipe through a Flowmaster muffler.

The brakes are Brembos with HP Plus pads.
The ABS pump has been bypassed with custom lines ran through a bias valve which is located in the center console.
The front rotors are 2 piece top hat style. Motul fluid...actually Motul fluid used throughout the car...brakes, engine, trans, rear diff.

R180 gets a Cusco race diff and the center diff is a Cusco 50/50 rally diff. The stock front limited slip has been rebuilt and firmed up.
Seriously though...when you feel how well this car pulls into, through and out of corners you will wonder what was wrong with all the other cars you have driven.

The interior is pretty basic, some stuff removed to add lightness but mostly left alone. Has a harness bar and 6 point cam lock harness for the driver. Has Momo wheel mounted to an NRG quick release.

Siebon carbon hood with scoop delete and Aero latches.
APR rear wing.
Has JDM Subaru headlights.
The coil overs are Buddy Club Team track units with Swift springs that were rebuilt by Buddy Club and valved for this car.
Has Whiteline sway bars with adjustable end links, anti lift kit, Group C motor mounts, Perrin Dogbone...all the bits and pieces are done.
Car was corner weighted and aligned at West End Alignment.
The wheels are Advan Racing TC2s.

Car is salvage title. I don't know why it is salvage but me thinks it had some damage to the right side. When I bought it I did not care as this was going to be a purpose-built car. There is some bondo work that needs repair on the right pillars and the paint is not great.

This is a serious car...if you do not understand some of the terms and words in this ad...this might not be the car for you. If you do not know what E85 is and why it is used this is DEFINITELY not the car for you.

Will be heading to Denver in the next week or so and can deliver for no charge.

It is a super fun car to drive, very quick and handles great. Has all the right pedigre parts to start a rally car build or cage it and keep it a track car.

$12000 will consider reasonable offers. Not looking for trades and please no offers to help me sell it.

Email for more info remwyatt (at) gmail (dot) com


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