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2000 Subaru Impreza RSTI Open Class Rally Car - $16,000 [REDUCED]

2000 Subaru Impreza RS 4 door GC chassis with no rust

-Rally America Logbook
-OEM Early 2004 ej257 with 0 races (we blew the old engine at Prescott in October)
-34mm restrictor
-IHI vf39 (not cracked)
-Tomei Equal Length Headers
-Custom 3 inch exhaust that is well-tucked w/replaceable cat at rear
-USDM Early 04 6 speed gearbox w/ DCCD center differential and Cusco 1.5-way front clutchpack
-R180 with clutchpack rear differential
-GEMS DCCD controller
-Stripped wiring harness with all fuses and relays brought into the cockpit (no wires over the wheels)
-coolsuit wiring and plumbing and cooler
-Peltor Comms
-6-point harnesses valid through 2019
-4/2 pot subaru brake calipers (2 races)
-Hawk DTC-30 Pads (2 races)
-DBA Gravel-Spec Rotors (2 races)
-Dual Tilton Master Cylinders with bias bar with no vacuum assist
-2 spare enkei rally wheels
-welded tubular radiator support
-Reinforced 1/4in aluminum skidplate
-Welded angle iron under the sill pinch welds along the sides of the car so I could jack the car from wherever without crushing the pinch welds
-Aluminum STI Lateral Links]
-RS&SP 4-way Gravel Shocks (with rebuild kit!!!)
-lightweight optima battery relocated to behind the passenger
-Lots of spare stuff - axles, control arms, diffs, etc.

The car has 4 rallies under its belt.

Bad: Gearbox gates are very mushy; it's hard to tell which gear you're in.


Stephen Benson
Bay Area, California
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