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Time to send the ol' Vambulance packing - I've owned this since Dec 2005 and am really just tired of of seeing it parked taunting me to finish fixing my rally car.

Has been to a ton of rallies and wants to go to more. Lots of people can vouch for how reliable it is. Except for Chad Eixenberger who probably never wants to drive it again. :D

Endorsed by Ben Slocum - "It's like driving satan's van"

Former Ambulance. Perfect for someone that likes to screw with old crap because they're cheap i.e. rally people.

I can deliver to a Michigan event I suppose and for the right offer, will get the 120VAC inverter tossed back in.

I have an ad with more info


Glamour Shot- LSPR 2009 -

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