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I bought this a few years back with the hope of eventually turning it into a rally car, but I have too many hobbies as it is. ~160k miles, not in great shape but is fairly clean for a car of this age, paint is bad. Interior is rough. Not driveable as is. It's at my mom's house (1.5hr away) and I don't have pictures, show some interest and I'll go take some and provide more info.

Needs at least front suspension bushings (and possibly whatever could wear from failed bushings, took it to a shop that replaced tie rod ends and said the bushings were fine but they weren't) and rear halfshafts to be driveable. But it does have functioning heated seats :p and the engine/turbo seem non-problematic. Manual with the shift throws of a tractor, some gears were getting rough IIRC. Taught me a lot about momentum and balance because '80s turbo. One of the airiest greenhouses I've ever been in, including moonroof.

You should only be interested if you have the skills and/or resources for what is essentially a project car. (Yes, this is a "ran when parked" car.)

Doesn't have that wicked biplane spoiler as they switched to a smaller one in '88, does have basketweaves.
This color with fading and peeling clear: http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2015/10/crapwagon-outtake-1988-merkur-xr4ti/

I'm reluctant to name a price until I've given it a fresh look over.
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