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For sale is my 1984 325e E30

Price: $5000

Engine/Drivetrain: Car drives and handles very well. Shifts into each gear smoothly and the engine idles, revs, and pulls very well. No issues on the mechanical end of this vehicle and it is leak free.
I have all parts required to complete an i head swap, and will include them for free.

• AFE Air filter
• Gutted Muffler
• Fresh oil change
• New Plugs (NGK)
• New Cap & Rotor
• New oil pan gasket
• Head rebuilt 5K miles ago by PO
• Clutch replaced 5K miles ago by PO
• 1/8” steel oil pan skidplate
• Custom aluminum battery hold-down (it's going nowhere)
• Strut Bar

Brakes and Suspension:

• Condor Speed Shop Trailing Arm Bushings
• Condor Speed Shop Rear Subframe Bushings
• Condor Speed Shop Motor Mounts
• Condor Speed Shop Transmission Mounts
• Condor Speed Shop Front Control Arm Bushings
• Condor Speed Shop Differential Bushing
• LSD Differential (2.93) w/ RedLine Fluid
• ATE Brake Fluid
• E36 M3 Power Steering Rack

Currently on:
• Stock Springs
• Bilstein HD's

Will Include:
• Bilstein sport Struts
• H&R sport Springs

Interior: The interior is gutted, void of all sound deadening and interior panels. This car, being a first year model and stripped, is extremely lightweight.
• Sparco Wheel R353 / NRG Hub
• 6-point welded roll cage
• Longacre roll bar padding
• Corbeau fixed back seats
• 5-Point G-Force harnesses (new)

Exterior: Bodywork is complete on this vehicle and it is ready for a scuff & spray. Body is straight with no rust. The chassis is super clean with no major rust. The bumpers have also been tucked by the PO for a more appealing look.

Feel free to contact me for more information at 607-621-6885 or pm, car is located in afton, NY. I am open to trades for log booked cars.
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