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Update March 23:
Seven people have expressed strong interest. Keith from Alberta has a deposit on it, John from Massachusetts, Brad from Oregon, Roy Sam Jerry Rob
The next time this car gets rallied, it'll be by someone new. <sniff>

1983 Audi quattro in Gobi Beige
Build date: 02/82

This model is sometimes called an "ur-quattro", or a "turbo quattro coupe". It was the homologation edition of the first rally quattros. Approximately 630 quattros were sold in the U.S. in the years 1983-1986. As you can see from the pictures, it sports a squared-off 80's bodystyle, with box flares at the wheelwells. The powertrain is Audi's first all-wheel-drive setup, with full-locking differentials in the transfer case and the rear differential. It has four-wheel independent suspension, and four-wheel disc brakes. The engine is a 2.1 liter turbocharged+intercooled five-cylinder. The transmission is a five-speed manual. All of the drivetrain components are heavy-duty; for one example, check out the size of the C.V. joints. Compared to later -- more cheaply made -- cars, the C.V. joints are massive. And a curious fact about the quattro's design means that the rear C.V. joints are identical with the front... beefy at both ends.

It's worth noting that the ur-quattros were quite expensive new, costing more than a new Porsche 911. This was an expensive car to build; thankfully, as the quattro system succeeded, and the drivetrain components were used in later Audi 5000 and 4000 models, many replacement parts are plentiful and inexpensive. For instance, new Brembo front brake rotors cost less than $20 each.

This was one of the early batches of quattros to come to the U.S., judging from the build date. It's spent the last 9 years, in Portland, Oregon, in the hands of two rally-enthusiast owners. In the past 3 years, the car's run four or five Time-Speed-Distance rallies in British Columbia, and half-a-dozen TSD rallies in Washington and Oregon. It's finished on the podium about two-thirds of the time. It's also treated checkpoint workers to its magnificent snarl when approaching controls. It is offered in rally-ready condition, with the auxiliary lighting, 4-point harnesses, front skid plate, and high-precision odometer sensors still in place. There are three full sets of wheels and tires for differing conditions.

If you're looking for a commuter car, this probably isn't it. If you're looking for an all-original ur for restoration or preservation, this isn't it. If you're looking for a starting place for a 20V swap, you should probably just buy one already complete. But if you want an ur-quattro to drive, in sprited fashion, on tarmac and gravel and snow, well: here it is.

Misc. Details
More pictures here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/110852759442970795323/albums/5529172244128783601

lighting upgrades
(2) Hella Rally 4000FF driving lights
(1) Hella Rally 4000 fog light (55w)
(1) Hella Rally 4000 cornering light (100w)
(2) Hella Freeform H4 headlights
Auxiliary halogen backup lights
Center High Mounted Stop Light
relays, fuses, circuit breakers

brake system maintenance and upgrades
front: New brake rotors, brake pads, re-manufactured brake calipers,stainless braided hoses
rear: calipers updated to late-1983 design (with separate parking brake cables), new rotors, pads, stainless braided hoses
Hydraulic brake booster updated to later style vacuum booster, with Wilwood adjustable brake proportioning valve

4000CS quattro steering rack ( slightly quicker ratio)
subframe bushings, control arm bushings

Sachs clutch, pressure plate. machined flywheel, new throwout bearing & pilot bearing
Radiator cleaned & de-plugged
high performance SPAL radiator fan
new catalytic converter, main exhaust, Magnaflow muffler, and tailpipe
new O2 sensor (bad O2 sensor == 8 mpg)
mostly new vacuum hoses
K&N air filter (nice because it's a chore to change)
No significant engine, driveline, nor coolant leaks

VDO odometer works. Now shows 176k miles, but that is certainly less than actual mileage.
Sparco seats with Sparco 4-point tuner harnesses
Autometer water temp gauge
Aux lighting switches
map light (red lens)
Updated three-point seat belts

wheels & tires
Five 15x6 Ronals with good Hankook 195/65 studded snow tires
Four 15x7 Fuchs with good Hankook 16/64 gravel tires (plus one steel wheel with a spare gravel tire)
Four 15x7 Fuchs with good BFG T/A 225/50 summer tires

Two rear tow points
Antenna mount (NMO) in roof, and cable
Timewise rally computer sensor in place
Spare hood (just in case you want to go flat black with louvers)
Aluminum skid plate protecting the sump

Original driver and passenger seats
Original A/C equipment
Original hydraulic brake booster and steering rack
Misc vacuum parts
Center grille section

!! problems !!
Small rust bubble on passenger A-pillar
Cracked front air dam
Needs front carpet
Ground or chipped headlight bezels
Missing bumper bolt plug in rear
Typical (so I hear) flakey wiring grounds
front diff lock not automatic.

Marinus Damm
(503) 819-1537

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hey dude, just curious to see where did you find the rear calipers for your ur-quattro? having a tough time locating some for a 83 german spec ur-quattro.

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hey dude, just curious to see where did you find the rear calipers for your ur-quattro? having a tough time locating some for a 83 german spec ur-quattro.
If I recall correctly, there are "early" and "late" rear calipers.

The early ones are used with a one-piece parking brake cable, and are specific to the ur. The later ones use two independent parking brake cables, and were also used on 4000 quattros. The late ones are (obviously) a lot more common.

So: if you need late ones, most auto parts stores can sell you rebuilt ones with a small core charge.
If you need early ones… I'm 'fraid I don't have suggestion for you. Hit the forums at quattroworld.com and post in the Ur section?

Converting from early to late is a well-discussed modification; check the qw forums for that info as well.
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