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1973 WRC POR
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I am posting this thread in the Collectibles forum as it is the likely place that any people who have/build rally car models might frequent.

I am helping Paul Loss in England build a model of our 1973 POR winning Toyota Corolla. There are more details of the project posted in the Historic forum here on SS.

Since this will be a build from scratch based on an existing model, we will likely need some help in two areas. One is stickers. Everything will have to be made. The other is the outside drive cable for the Halda. This will be the only car in Paul's collection (he has a model of every other car that has won a WRC rally!) with a drive cable.

So, if any of you have any ideas or suggestions, please e-mail them to me (address in the Historic forum post). Ultimately, I can see than we will have a list of stickers required and I will post the list to see what is available, what can be scanned, etc.

An interesting project.
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