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your other left, you idiot
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I was there. As a stage captain. That is a lot of work to do.

How did we ever do this without hams? THANK YOU hams!!! I am one now, and used it extensively this weekend - I don't know how I could do my job without it.

MOST of the locals still love us. Even most of the ones where we were closing "their" roads.

There sure is a lot that goes on in those woods.

Left Michigan snowbanks on Thursday noon, drove to 60 degrees in Missouri, got sunburned working (even with my long underwear on). Mark and Jeffy were awesome as car 0 (and yes, you really do need experienced competitors to do course opening). Bodnar - I CANNOT brake fast enough to not get timed by laser (IL cop - fortunately his 2nd car was already busy with another customer) (came around a curve on the interstate, Valentine goes off as I am looking at the lights on his gun - hello officer). And it is snowing again here in Michigan today (Monday). People down there couldn't understand what my Hakkas were, and why I had them on.

Rally America was there doing scoring, and providing clocks and signs - thank you.

A lot of Topeka was there helping (Sue and Doug Robinson, Howard Duncan, Curtis Kitchen, Stacey Grammer). And they were all working.

Roads are still neat. Party is great. LOTS of workers. A few more cops than usual.

I KNOW that I have forgotten a lot (and I wasn't competing, so I missed a lot of those stories).

press on,
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