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With a total of 135 gallons ordered, 30 of which are from a cancelled entrant, the 100 Acre Wood committee will not ask Sunoco to be presetn at this year's events.

Please arrange your own fuel. There is occasional 93 octane available, mostly 91 and 89 being the highest available from pumps.

Ron Wick, the Sunoco Distributor that was to cover this event is in Marine IL near the intersection of I-55 and I-70 a little Northeast of St. Louis and would be happy to sell you your fuel if your'e coming from the east or the north through St. Louis. He can be reached at (618) 887-9425

Sorry, but demand just isn't there I guess.

Kim DeMotte
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Here is some info that I found regarding this:


Don't expect to find either for the prices listed in the articles. They must be a few years old by now. I found Xylene at Home Depot in a gallon can for about $7. I ordered (2) 5 gallon cans of Toluene from a local Sherwin Williams paint store for about $35/5 gal.

I did manage to find Toluene in a 55 gallon drum for roughly $3/gallon BEFORE it is shipped, so It will probably be closer to $5/gal unless you happen to live next to a chemical distribution center and can pick it up.

I'm going to try this in the rally car. Probably a 10% mix with 92 octane which should give me somewhere in the 94.5 octane range.

Will post results and impressions after DooWops 3&4 in March

BTW, I would NOT use AvGas as it is designed for engines that operate at altitude under relatively constant load. PLUS, there is about 4 grams per gallon of LEAD in 100LL which will NOT pass the new fuel inspection. Not to mention the lousy throttle response.

As always......YMMV

Matt Manspeaker
Seattle, WA USA
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