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RE: 1000 Lakes R-r-r-r-rally 1987 Video request

>Anyone have a copy of the 1987 Thousand Lakes R-r-r-rally
>featuring the Blomquist piloted XR that I could borrow? I
>gotta see if J.V is just f.o.s or what. Heh heh.

Hej Jakkopi,
Blomqvist AND the great Ari Vatanen in 2wd Sierras against the really excellent 4wd Lancias IS really great to watch.
(Lets not forget "poor ol' Mats Jonson" up to 6th in a 2000cc 8v Opel Kadett before a control arm fails)

The point is YOU CAN have the same car, suspension, nearly the same gearing, and nearly the same ft/lbs, be 0.4 turns away in steering, within 7mm of the same discs and calipers of those WRC level machines.
What other car can YOU afford to do that in?

But don't forget!!!! I'm really trying to rob you by:
" selling them on antiquated, rare, and relatively uncompetitive cars that require years of modifications along with scores of mediocre quality custom built parts that just so happened to be single sourced from his business."

(hej if'n youse sends me a address mayby I'll send youse guys one of my old copies,eh?)

John Vanlandingham
Seattle, WA. 98168

janvanvurpa (at) f4 (dot) ca

Vive le Prole-le-ralliat!
Vive Le Groupe F!
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