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When was the last time you saw a rally article that didn't include a single picture of an awd turbo car? Clearly, the piece reflects Bob McEowen's view of what ClubRally and the CRNC are all about. Great job!!

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Yes,... WE all want to be Pro's, but the Club Teams are just as important, not only because we all started there.

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Taken from the article:

"Brian Scott of Lake Orion, Ariz., drives his Mitsubishi Eclipse "



Brian Scott from Lake Orion, Mi in his #370 EVO (Incedently giving a 3 series # because the SCCA can't belive that I'm really from the Detroit area)


Brian Scott from Phoenix, Az in his #369 Talon

Brian Scott from Michigan.
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...and Justin Pritchard didn't run the Mini in last year's event, either....but there are 400,000 families who don't know that and still got a great picture of ClubRallying!

Our apologies to the Brians Scotts and Mr. Pritchard for the slight errors...there's only so much control one has over these things....McEowen did a DYNAMITE job......please go to the website and tell him so!

Kim DeMotte
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>When was the last time you saw a rally article that didn't
>include a single picture of an awd turbo car? Clearly, the
>piece reflects Bob McEowen's view of what ClubRally and the
>CRNC are all about. Great job!!

The picture of Parc at the bottom has my Lancer and Roger Hull's Eclipse. Last I checked both were turbocharged and AWD. No action shots though. :( Then again, perhaps that isn't the image they wanted to portray to 400,000 non rally people. To the unitiated a 400hp 4 wheel drive car tearing top speed through the woods can seem a bit too much.

Dennis Martin
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First......thanks to everyone who made the CRNC so much fun.

Regarding the Rural Missouri article you should know that there is a difference in the pictures on the website vs. what is in the publication.

There are only 5 pictures in the publication. Three of which are also on the website. The nighttime shot from downtown Ellington and Trespassers Wil (featuring car 137), the shot of the Mini-Cooper with all the marshalls taking a picture of the car, and the one of Justin Pritchard explaining the Ozark back roads are featured on both the website and in the publication.

Two additional pictures are in the publication only. A Mazda driven by Robert Cutler of Michigan (#567). A different picture of the Salem parc expose.....this one showing a yellow (? color) #609 and about 9 other cars (none of which I can determine to which team they belong).

Those pictures only on the website are.....the #869 (I think that was the Saab?), the Brian Scott photo (which I'm sure was shot by the author/photographer for the piece as he got his press ride), and a different Salem parc expose scene (although they are extremely similar with a father and child walking down 4th street).

Eileen Waters
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