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2007 Subaru Impreza 2.5i
159k miles
Bought at 156k miles
5-speed manual
OMP fixed back seat
Cisco rear LSD, currently set to 75%
Front skid plate
Diff skid plate
2nd set of wheels
Group N motor and trans mounts
Hawk HPS 5.0 pads F+R
Brembo rotors F+R
"Street" Continental Extreme Contact Sport (less than 2k miles)
"Rally" Blizzaks (pretty worn but you could get one or two more events out of them if you wanted to)

!!!Transmission is going out!!!

Recent Work:
Transmission mounts
Head gasket
Spark plugs
Water pump/Timing belt
Clutch, Pressure plate, throw out bearing

This was my testing out rallyx car. Bought the car to see if I liked ralllyx and I do so I'm moving on to another car. Had a bunch of work done when I first got it to chase down an oil leak and it needed a new clutch. Just passed smog. If you dont want the bucket seat, Ill knock off $500. I still have the stock seat. The rear diff makes it sound like you're driving around a kid's popcorn popper in tighter turns. It has the option to just be an open diff if you take the springs out. My mechanic says the transmission is on the way out. He quoted me $1600 or it looks like they go for $400-600 if you wanted to do it yourself. I have receipts from all the work I've done.
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