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Hi special stage, it's been a while..

Can meet up in the Redding area. Can also meet in red bluff and chico weekly

Cash is best
Also accept PayPal and credit card.

Shipping is extra. I can ship most in flat rate boxes through the post office. I'll beat eBay prices.. but sorry.. I can't pay the fees of ebay.. I'm PayPal verified. 100% rating

All parts are cleaned and tested by a professional Subaru/ GMC mechanic, who also drives and works on Subaru rally cars. Been out of it for a few years. My boys are getting old enough to drive and I would like to help them understand what real driving is. By parting and selling only top quality used subie parts for a low price you can help my boys and I build an open class impreza and compete in some stage rallies and rally crosses.
Thank you for your time.
Call or text 530227204three although my service is rather poor out here in the country

Not all parts are perfect. It's a 15 year old car. Ask for detailed pics of whay you are interested in.

Unless specified, all clips, nuts and bolts come with parts. All clips are 100% intact around weather stripping.

Right front window motor and regulator. With tracks. $25
Right front Door harness compete. $20
Right front seatbelt $40
Right front Door latch assembly with rods. $25
Right front Door handle with rods. $20
Right front window switch. $10
Right front outer Door handle. Silver Small chip and normal wear. $20
Right power mirror. Silver. Normal wear. $40
Right side B pillar weather outside stripping. $25
Right side B pillar stripping $20
B pillar channel. 2 clips missing $5

Right front and rear stripping and channel. Small scratches in back $10
Right front sill plastics. $10
Door clips $1 each

Right rear window motor $20
RR interior handle small scuffs $10
RR sill plastics $10
RR harness $25
RR weather stripping $20
Clips and screws $1 each

Left front window motor and regulator with track $25
Left front door harness $25
Left front seatbelt $40
LF door latch and rods $20
LF exterior B pillar weather stripping $25
Left front door moulding complete with red, black and white clips $40
LF door latch $20
LF interior door handle with rods $20
LF master window switch $30
LF door harness $25
LF door moulding $10
LF door stripping with clips

Left Rear window motor regulator with tracks $25
Left Rear door moulding $10
Left Rear weather stripping with all clips $25
LR Interior door handle with rods $20
LR Latch with rods $25
LR Window switch $10
LR door harness $25
Sill plastic $10

Door panel/ door cards. 1 complete minor scratching
2 have each 1 clip slot blowout. Will not effect door. Will sell cheap.

B pillar interior plastics right and left. Minor wear. $10 each

Consol with broken lock clips. Clips are replaceable $10

Shifter boot looks good. $25

E brake plastic $20

Stereo bezel $10

Cruise control switch $10
Fog light switch $10
Mirror switch $10

Clips, screws, etc. I'll sell them cheap.

Window bumpers $2 each

Entire interior is for sale.
Dash, cluster, air bags, modules, impact sensors, blower, lock cylinder set of 4 with key, key fob and security module.
Will update as items sell, as I pull and verify that everything works.

Also have 2000 legacy outback part out

2000 forester part out

2000 impreza wagon part out

Ej25 parts dohc and sohc.

5mt transmissions (90s)

Can meet up in the Redding area. Can also meet in red bluff and chico weekly


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Hey Dadsquatch, are the DMS dampers you are selling the strut inserts only or complete set up with springs and housing. Also, which vehicle are these for? Thanks! PS- I like what you are teaching your kids. So much of that is lost these days.

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Thanks for the pics, the link worked. I see you are parting out a few vehicles, what car are the struts from? Or better yet, do you happen to know which models the suspension will fit? I tried to pull a serial number from the picture but could not quite get it. Thanks!

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do you have teh passenger side air bag cover? and happen to know if its compatible with a 2005 sti ? :) i had a deployment issue ..... ya we'll go with that :)
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