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  1. USA
    Gymkhana at X Games? I thought that was dope! They moved it to Irwindale Speedway (the rally X) and Big Air ramp. Some good bands playing their too. Awolnation. Don't know how much tickets are or who all the final invitees are (Munich list is all they have up). But it should be all star. I saw...
  2. USA
    Bill Wood for Racer magazine wrote a good article bringing up the question about American rally and the respect it has (or hasn't?) earned. Thought you would find it interesting: http://auto-racing.speedtv.com/article/special-straight-outta-ojibwe//P2/ And here is a post on SpeedTV about the...
  3. Mountain
    Nothing nice here. Actually there may be a good list. Scott Leonard: Will win it with the greatest of ease but will probably DNF on the last stage because his arm will fall off or he'll be a victom of Animal Strikes. Grant Huges: Will finish the race but with hardly any body pannels...
  4. USA
    What are the selection criteria for rally drivers for X Games 14? Doug Woods
1-4 of 4 Results