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  1. Pacific Northwest
    (No longer) looking for JG All squared away.... Thanks, folks!
  2. Event Announcements
    On-line registration for the Widget Recce School on 27 Feb 2010 is now available. (Thanks, Mike, for setting it up!) http://rallydata.com/SpecialEvents_ColdFusion/RecceWorkshop_FrameSet.cfm See ya soon, I hope!
  3. Pacific Southwest
    We're a week away and nobody has signed up for the latest recce workshop. Therefore I need to cancel the formal workshop so the restaurant can hopefully book the room for someone else. However, I'm available to teach the material on a one-to-one or one-to-few basis if there's any last-minute...
  4. Pacific Southwest
    Yep, the recce workshop is all set to go. You can sign up at the event if you like. With only two teams signed up, there's bound to be room for late arrivals! John
  5. Photos & Videos
    I finally got around to posting a stage of Idaho '8 up on YouTube. Man, you gotta check out these awesome roads! John
1-5 of 5 Results