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  1. Midwest
    Congratulations to the first Vintage Rally Car Championship point winners of 2011: Erik Zenz, Dave Parps, Matt Bushore, Andrew Bushore, Ian Topping, Jeff Secor, Nathan Usher, Aaron Usher, Justin Robinson, Nicholis Fitzpatrick, Sean Murphy and Kenneth Tsang. What a great way to start the year!
  2. Historic Rally
    Last call for 2010 rally results. Please check the VRCC scoreboards to be sure you have all the points you deserve. Winners will be announced in January, along with the results of the 2010 member survey and rule changes for 2011. It's been a great first year. We look forward to an even...
  3. Historic Rally
    The 2010 Vintage Rally Car Championship survey has arrived! What should we do in 2011 regarding annual membership fees, awards, new events, new classes, VRCC logo tee shirts, and more? Emails, with a link to the survey, have been sent to all VRCC members. If you have not received your email...
  4. Historic Rally
    No, I’m not talking about the mid-term, state and local elections on November 2nd. I’m talking about the Vintage Rally Car Championship. Voting on the 2011 VRCC rules will take place in December, but it will only be available to registered VRCC members as of December 1st. If you are not a...
1-4 of 4 Results