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  1. Pacific Southwest
    I just wanted to get this thread started sooner rather then Thursday night. :) Rallynotes Team All of our team updates will be on rallynotes.com - http://rallynotes.com/tumblelog/ @rallynotes I will be using #usrally for updates on Twitter. I will also use #crsrally for some stuff - but this...
  2. MaxAttack
    The MaxAttack! live updates pages are now all up and running at http://www.max-attack.com/live - there are #ma1 hashtag tweets, designated twitterer tweets, and live chat. Enjoy. :)
  3. Mountain
    Hello everyone, I am writing from atop a mountain in a tiny town, aka, a couple houses and a gas station, which amazingly has wireless internet. Recce yesterday was extremely long and grueling. Due to shortage of workers, a couple of the stages were cut, and others will be run twice to make up...
1-3 of 3 Results