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  1. Pacific Southwest
    I just wanted to get this thread started sooner rather then Thursday night. :) Rallynotes Team All of our team updates will be on rallynotes.com - http://rallynotes.com/tumblelog/ @rallynotes I will be using #usrally for updates on Twitter. I will also use #crsrally for some stuff - but this...
  2. MaxAttack
    Changing twitter hashtags one more time. #maxattack is a little longer than the previous ones but it should be clear, unique, easy to remember, and less prone to pollution from other subjects, so it should be a long-term tag that can be used year-round for MaxAttack! posts. Anyone following...
  3. MaxAttack
    Hi All, MaxAttack! NEFR is already this coming weekend. If you twitter, are going to be at the rally, and would like to twitter about MaxAttack! please choose one of the following options: 1. If you want all your tweets to show up in the MaxAttack! pool (Live Extra page) during the rally...
  4. MaxAttack
    The MaxAttack! live updates pages are now all up and running at http://www.max-attack.com/live - there are #ma1 hashtag tweets, designated twitterer tweets, and live chat. Enjoy. :)
  5. MaxAttack
    Hello all MaxAttack! fans! Do you twitter? Are you going to be at Idaho Rally 2009? We would love to include your tweets in our live event update feeds at Max-Attack.com. There are two ways you can do this: 1) Send us the twitter ID that you plan on using at the rally. If you choose this...
  6. USA
    I've set up a Twitter account for STPR 2009. Please follow stpr_rally. Hash tweets with #stpr09. Thanks... hope to see you follow! MaryAnne Shults Webmaster, www.stpr.org
  7. USA
    Maybe you've heard about it, maybe you haven't. Maybe it sounds vaguely interesting, maybe it sounds like another fad. Either way, I've been using Twitter for about three or four months, now. As a result, I have been exposed a number of new ideas and information in a variety of fields. I've...
1-7 of 7 Results