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  1. Midwest
    Breon Nagy, Rallymaster for RMN 2011, talks about the course and Stage Notes for the event! Make sure to leave comments on the Rally Minnesota web page. http://bit.ly/dQcsHE
  2. Co-Drivers
    Hi all, Just wondering what everyone does with all their old route books, stage notes & paces notes, event bulletins & entry lists etc.? Do you keep them all / chuck them all / keep only the last year's info to refer to? I have been keeping all of mine thus far, but after 8 years or so...
  3. Pacific Southwest
    I didn't compete or do the one-pass notes familiarization pass at Prescott this year, but I heard some anecdotal evidence that some competitors felt that the organizer-supplied notes at Prescott could have been improved e.g. some corners didn't have duration noted i.e. L4 vs. L4 short vs. L4 Lg...
1-3 of 3 Results