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  1. Car Construction and Equipment
    Hey guys, We rallied a 92 Festiva L in the 100 acre wood this year and we're currently beefing up our suspension. We looked into the Dynamic Spring thread but never really got a solid idea on what's going on with it, plus it was very old. Our Idea is to run 2 springs at about 8" a piece but...
  2. Car Construction and Equipment
    I am looking for a set of spring perches for my 50mm DMS suspension. I contacted DMS and recieved a riduculous quote for them; so I am hoping to find a compatible set. Looks like the are 61.5mm thread, and have a 70mm ID for the spring. Any help GREATLY appreciated.
  3. Car Construction and Equipment
    I have a set of 50mm DMS for my impreza but before I put them on they need some help. Most important issue to resolve is the broken rear spring. I called my local DMS distributor and it seems that these springs are not cheap... But apparently QA1 makes springs that fit...? The DMS spring is a...
1-3 of 3 Results