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  1. Hitchhiker/Lodging/Looking For
    My wife and I are going to make the jouney to Wellsboro for the first time to check out STPR. We've been looking at the local joints and there aren't a lot of good reviews online. I'm usually skeptical about online reviews though because they're usually angry people exagerating how bad things...
  2. Organizers
    Hi guys, I’m Mitch and I reside in Australia and have been following rally in a spectator/media capacity (youtube.com/user/supersideways) for nearly a decade. I was wondering how you guys in USA and Canada market your rallies to both competitors and to the general public. In my state, rallying...
  3. Mountain
    I am working on some sponsorship related things for the CRC for 2008 and need to get the actually spectator numbers for the CHCA events. These figures are not at this time being made available to me as a non-member (and I am not buying a membership just to get them). It occures to me that the...
1-3 of 3 Results