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  1. Safety Products
    Condition: Used These shoes are fire resistant and are compliant with FIA 8856-2000. Size 41 (EUR) is approx a size 8-8.5 in US sizes. I think Sparcos might run a bit large US shipping only $60USD + shipping
  2. Safety Products
    Never used...not ever strapped onto the back of a seat or filled with water. Retails for $100...asking $50 + shipping (obo) http://www.sparcousa.com/product/rally-drink-bag
  3. Car Construction and Equipment
    Finally getting around to watching the HD Theater coverage of WRC Mexico. Have watched Shakedown & Day 1 so far, and in the Shakedown coverage, they mentioned that a new helmet has been designed after 8 years. Several teams can be seen using the new helmet in the Day 1 coverage I have seen so...
1-3 of 15 Results