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  1. Pacific Southwest
    Greetings, The 2012 CRS Rally Survey is here: http://californiarallyseries.com/survey/index.php?sid=24378 We'd love for you to fill it out! Not in the Southwest? That's okay - The more data about the US rally demographic the better! - Kris
  2. Pacific Southwest
    What a way to cap off the 2012 California Rally Series Championship! Lots of great competitors and lots of great competition! I'm stoked to be competing again, and Eddie just might convince me to stay in G2 and buy Hoche a turbo. ;) Michael Taylor - You and your team - Congrats! Volunteers &...
  3. USA
    Greetings all! As a lot of you know, Christine and I resurrected the High Desert Trails rally a week or so ago. Working with the Hockers (who ran HDT last year as a "shakedown" and a beta test for the Ridgecrest Motorsports Facility) The event was a big success and we are looking to continue...
1-3 of 3 Results