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  1. Rally Cars For Sale
    Wanted to rent: AWD, sorted car for Sno-Drift 2016. Will provide infrastructure (team, service, trailer) but need car, spares, tires. Ideally looking for something from the Midwest. Let me know what you have or if you anyone with a car sitting idle. Please PM or give a call to...
  2. Rally Cars For Sale
    Hey all. Preferable a RWD. FWD second choice. 4WD if I don't have a lot of options at this late stage which is likely. Doesn't need to be a beast that will win, I am not that fast anyway. Anything from a 70's Toyota, a 90's VW, to a new Subie will work, just needs to be solid, maintained and...
  3. Canada
    If anyone has a rally car which they would consider renting to me and Angela Cosner (fee to be discussed), please contact me jothamapaloo(at)gmail(dot)com (replace () with appropriate symbols. surely the spam bots have figured this out by now... ) or +1 226 338 0799 (kitchener-waterloo area...
  4. Pacific Northwest
    I am offering my 2003 Nissan Sentra for rent at the Mt. Hood Event. I have checked with Air Traffic Control and Lift-off for this event has not been granted. PM me for the info and any inquiries. Peter
1-4 of 5 Results