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  1. Photos & Videos
    Highlights from our first full season rallying in our stock class Evo IX, including winning the 2012 USRC Production AWD Cup, finishing 2nd Overall in the United States Rally Championship, and taking 3rd AWD Overall for the NASA Atlantic Rally Championship! Next stop, world domination. Rally...
  2. USA
    So there are some New stages this year, 4 total. From what I hear the conditions are good and they should be fun. The Rallies stages start on saturday and run till sunday so the Tri-State attendees will have a easy time attending seeing how only one work day will be missed now not Wednesday and...
  3. Photos & Videos
    http://rallyaddict.com/content/view/25/1/ I wrote up a story about my weekend and included some highlight images. In total we shot over 1500 pictures worth keeping. I never thought I would get sick of looking at rally cars :) All my images are available for purchase at a reasonable price...
  4. USA
    Big thanks to everyone who made last weekend's International Rally New York a reality, including the competitors for entering, the hams for talking, the EMTs for not having to do anything (I hope!), the workers for working, the local communities for their support, Bernie for the particularly...
  5. Hitchhiker/Lodging/Looking For
    I'm flying into Albany on Wednesday evening around 8 PM, back on Sunday around noon. Anyone willing to offer a ride? I'll cover gas money. Alternately, I'll rent a car and offer a ride to other fellow rally travelers. John (at) WidgetRacing (dot) com
1-5 of 5 Results