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  1. Interior Accessories
    Group B Rally Era Halda odometer. Used item in good working condition and located in the USA. Item includes the components shown in the photos. Working video can be viewed here... https://youtu.be/Y0U6parCUuY $1,650.00 Email if you have questions...
  2. Electronics
    Timewise 547B Rally Computer - SOLD SOLD - Timewise 547B Rally Computer all buttons, knobs and toggles work 100%, paper manual included Timewise 547B Rally computer . . . Face has some wear, but everything is legible . . . . shows instantaneous speed in Timer display while in "Pro" Mode...
  3. Interior Accessories
    I have a new Timewise Rally Computer. The TIMEWISE 547B rally odometer is designed for either "Pro-rally" stage events or limited "B-class" TSD road rallying. Dual odometers, time of day clock, and independent timer provide precise time and distance information for the navigator. Non-slip...
1-3 of 5 Results