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  1. Mountain
    dunno if some of you have or haven't seen but rally co is off the national calendar: http://www.rally-america.com/story.php?article=540 and the future of rally colorado (and thus the crc probably) seems to be in question...
  2. Photos & Videos
    Due to the horrible weather it was tough to get anything incredible. It was just cold & miserable outside. Stages were cancelled due to the muddiness of a lot of roads.More Here More Here
  3. USA
    Updates, photos and standings from Rally Colorado Day 1 so far. Click Here *Update: Pastrana Falls to 8th place after huge penalties for hitting chicane elements on the last stage (SS10) of day one. Be sure to check back regularly as we will be updating all day long. Rally Colorado Day 1...
  4. Mountain
    I am sure the organizers are super busy organizing a trillion different things for Rally CO right now, but does anyone know when the Supp Regs for Rally CO are likely to become available?
  5. Mountain
    Did anyone take pics at rally colorado this year other than Kevin? What about from someone in the house? Can I have a disk.
  6. Photos & Videos
    Ok, finally, here are some of my favorite shots from Rally Colorado. I had a blast, and I'm definitely going back to Steamboat next year! Things to get before next Rally season: 1. 70-200 VR Lens 2. Laptop to get a jump on editing my pictures 3. More Rallies (I am now planning on attending...
  7. Mountain
    Are these magically hidden on RA's website and I can't find them? I thought RA knew what the term 'regional competitor' means, but it seems our results don't get posted. Anyone have Day 2 finalized results that they could possibly email to me? -Adam
  8. Mountain
    Not having a "rally fix" for quite some time, I called Jim Gill to see if I could come up to help out wherever he needed me for Rally Colorado. Of course he said "come on up!" I arrived on Thursday and was immediately put to work helping set up the parc expose area for Friday evening. I was...
  9. Photos & Videos
    Particularly in-car?
  10. USA
    Well, you heard Jimmy's side of it, and I won't go into any more details here, but as he said, we owe a lot to the rally community. I just wanted to express my own thanks to everyone: J.B. and Heidi - thanks for recognizing the seriousness of Jimmy's condition, giving me a ride to the hospital...
  11. USA
    On behalf of our Organizing Committee and all of the entrants who competed last weekend in RALLY COLORADO 2008 in Steamboat Springs, a big "thanks" to all of our great volunteers who caused this rally to run smoothly, safely and on time. Since our first event in 2001, the quality of our many...
  12. Mountain
    Guys I would not have been able to race if it was not for you guys. I see Kevin having a bright future ahead of him if he says in the co-drivers seat. Aj, I am so glad I got a chance to push as hard as i ever have, and would not be able to have done that with out you next to me.
  13. Photos & Videos
    So Mark Malsom crewed for me an took about 175 photos at the event. I made a photo gallery of them last night and he wanted me to link them here because as he says, "you're the voice of No Coast." I'm guessing because I'm lacking some of that filter that most people have that keep them from...
  14. Photos & Videos
    All, Pictures have been posted of 2008 Colorado Rally, You can find all 3 posts from end to beginning here: http://mattpoppoff.blogspot.com/ Or if you would like to view by day. Day 1 Press Stages: http://mattpoppoff.blogspot.com/2008/09/rally-colorado-day-1.html Day 2...
  15. Mountain
    So, everyone post your in car here. Here's SS2, which was the stage before I broke the car, and consequently my fastest stage of the event. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdVdSZFyNss I'll get SS3 posted up after I crop it so all can see my near "Tanner."
  16. Mountain
    Here is a crappy video I made of Elk Head 1 Day 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6E0NlDTgQ0 I will post the second video once my computer is done taking a poop. *Edit: Slowest to Fasted but not really. I mixed it up in the end. Sorry, regional guys only. Later! Mitch
  17. Photos & Videos
    Once again we were selected by the organizers to be the officially designated photographers for Rally Colorado. A selection of photos can be viewed here: http://www.KevinHahnPhotography.com/2008/RallyColorado (the gallery is best viewed after allowing it to fully load before selecting a photo)...
  18. Mountain
    Guys, recent cancellation of a SCCA regional road race means I now have the weekend of Cog available. I have not navigated in a couple of years, I was a RA Nationally licenced co-driver in 2007 (although ended up not doing a single rally). Experienced with JEMBA, two-lips, and route...
  19. Mountain
    Just wondering if the days for recce and all of the non-essential media/practice stuff could be swapped i.e. non-essential media/pratice stuff etc. on Thursday; recce, registration and tech on Friday? Having the recce on Thursday means teams wanting to do recce have to take an extra day off...
  20. Mountain
    The Southwest RallyCup series will be having stickers for you guys to place on your cars to wish both of them well. So if you do not mind....Bret from RallyGrafix did a great job of showing pictures of both on the stickers. They will be at Rally Colorado registration but I like to ask if you...
1-20 of 28 Results