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  1. USA
    Radioists, First, thanks for doing what you do. Without you guys, we'd all get lost in the woods! Second, I was hoping you could help me identify and price out some radio gear that was uncovered recently during a move out of the Quonset Air Museum, which had to move due to a partial facility...
  2. Ham - Electronics
    As a practical experiment, I thought I'd see if I could hear the 'Weatherman' on 151.625 MHz (business band VHF), when he was transmitting from Mt. Diablo during the recent SCORE Baja 500 offroad race. By my estimates, where I live in Pacific Beach, in San Diego, is approximately 175-180...
  3. Ham - Electronics
    If you're wondering what other people have chosen, or what brand to get such that someone else at the rally might have a similar radio and would be able to help set it up, here are some stats from the NRS database. (Of course, if you already have a radio, you probably have a strong opinion about...
1-3 of 3 Results