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  1. New Member Forum - Introduce Yourself
    hey everyone, my name is Ronnie and I have been a fan of Rally for a while, and rally cross the thrill of driving through a stage as fast as you can or 8 cars lined up jockeying for position round a track half paved half dirt! any way at 35 I never really gave rally a serious thought, it always...
  2. Canada
    So im pretty new to the whole rally thing and this website and i SWEAR i looked high and low for the answer to my question and where to post this but i couldn't find much so here goes nothing lol! Im looking to buy a used HANS device and a racing suit as i will most likely be Co-Driving this...
  3. Midwest
    July is almost upon us and it's been since May that we've been able to get our rallycross fix on. We have just the thing to get your car some dirt time. You may have heard through the grapevine that something big was coming for July, and those rumors are very true! For the first time ever, our...
  4. RallyCross
    The rally group American Rally Cross is slating a door to door grass roots rally cross taking over where rally america has cancelled the series, New venue has been added to the schedule. Pocono Raceway October 26th 2013, we are looking for racers, volunteers and spectators. We are currently...
  5. Midwest
    For those of you with a dirty side, come out and slide your car around in a dirt field around a technical course marked with cones. This is a great venue for beginner drivers as it is an open course with soft dirt and the safety stewards to do a great job at keeping the course smooth with good...
  6. Photos & Videos
  7. Photos & Videos
    I condensed 2 hours into 9 minutes of the good stuff. #700 car driven by Rob Weir and Navigator Matt Nichols. Open Light class '96 Impreza coupe with 2.5RS drivetrain. We took 1st in OL and 3rd overall for Sno* Regional; then 3rd in OL and 9th overall for Drift Regional after suffering a flat...
  8. Games / Collectibles
    “Greetings from Arizona! anyone here playing the PC game Ricky Carmichael's Motocross Matchup PRO?”
  9. Event Announcements
    Primitive is putting on another RALLY DRIVING SCHOOL March 18-20th in Portland, OR. The field is grass covered, flat and relatively easy on cars. Great for beginners and intermediate drivers wanting some seat time and expert feedback. Groundschool is Friday evening, with the exercises and...
1-9 of 16 Results