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  1. Ham - Electronics
    Hi all, Forgive me if I sound like I don't really know what I'm talking about because I don't haha. I don't have much experience with audio or electronics in general but I have become our rally team's de facto media expert because I have some video editing experience. I'm trying to record...
  2. Electronics
    For Sale, Brand New, Never mounted intercom. Separate volume controls for driver, codriver, mic input for camera, as well as input for 2-way radio. Can be plugged into peltor helmets using adaptors. Comes with everything pictured, no mic kit for helmets SOLD
  3. Electronics
    Terratrip 202. Used in two rallies. Works perfectly. Decided to go a different way. Email for pics if needed. Can supply sensors at an additional cost. Asking 250.00 Doug Davenport davenportracingusa at q.com
  4. Car Construction and Equipment
    Universal transit headset. I have found a supplier to build the headsets to a spec that enables you to use them on any intercom just by changing the connector that I build to order. I will also build the headsets without the interchangeable connector and install an intercom specific connector...
  5. Car Construction and Equipment
    This is an attempt to gather as much information on the peltor rally intercoms and headsets as possible into one place. It is intended to be a living document, and I encourage everyone to add in their information and links. I will add the information to this post as it is flushed out. Please...
  6. Car Construction and Equipment
    Hi there, Just wondering if the gray version of the Peltor G78 was a limited production run or something? I'm interested in buying a gray G78, and most of the places I know of that carry them, now only seem to have the white version available. Anyone know of someone with a size Medium Peltor...
  7. Car Construction and Equipment
    Finally getting around to watching the HD Theater coverage of WRC Mexico. Have watched Shakedown & Day 1 so far, and in the Shakedown coverage, they mentioned that a new helmet has been designed after 8 years. Several teams can be seen using the new helmet in the Day 1 coverage I have seen so...
  8. Pacific Southwest
    Hi there, Anyone local to San Diego have (or willing to snail mail me) a Terraphone intercom --> Peltor headset adaptor I can borrow next weekend for the Ensenada Rally? I left my adaptor in a car I co-drove in, and the adaptor seems to have gone AWOL. Thanks.