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  1. Pacific Southwest
    From the Gorman Ridge Rally Organizers from the event's Facebook page: Dear CRS Competitors, Considering that Gorman Ridge Rally (Sat, Aug 23rd in Lebec, CA) has opened up its entry, we thought we'd dispel a few myths. 5 Myths About the Gorman Ridge Rally Totally Sucking. It Sucks...
  2. USA
    Dinner time! Copper Canyon Grill is 9/10ths of a mile from the convention center, although as a rally driver I'm sure you think you could make it 10/10ths. ;) Head there right after the floor closes (6pm) on Friday December 10 so we'll be eating around 7pm. I'll get some reservations for a...
  3. Mountain
    Team Zissou will be doing a fund raising/concert at the Meadowlark on November 9. Dunno if there is a cover yet or just a donation or what since Britt is the driving force behind it (go Britt!). The bands that are playing so far are: Johnny Knows Karate Radio Jetstream With more planned to be...
  4. Colorado Rally Cup
    Please give a shout out in this thread if you plan to come and how many so we know if it's worth a pony keg. Snacks provided, BBQ available, though not sure if it will be outdoor party weather...supposed to be nice next weekend, but sun is setting so early already. Come over after 5:00? If...
  5. Mountain
  6. Colorado Rally Cup
    So..... In an effort to further comraderie and what not I am proposing having a Colorado Rally Cup BBQ. The idea would be to have it someplace in Denver (sorry but a lot of us are in the Denver area, and with the rest being evenly split between the Springs, up north, and to the West, it makes...
1-6 of 7 Results