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  1. Pacific Northwest
    I've got to get the room reservation going. HQ is a bit "rich" for me, so I'm looking at alternatives. Also, any other "loners" looking to share? I tried the camping route last year. Mother Nature took this as a sign to bring on storms and rain. I learned my lesson.
  2. Event Announcements
    Hi all, Just a reminder that the Early Entry deadline for the 2011 Oregon Trail Rally is TUESDAY, MAY 3. Entry must be made on the RallyCar website and payments made (either by CC through RallyCar or postmarked check...) by end of day on Tuesday. Also, the Supplemental Regulations were posted...
  3. Hitchhiker/Lodging/Looking For
    I'm broke and can't afford the gas to get to The Dalles/Dufur, but would like to volunteer. Sad Huh? Anyone have a spare seat? I could meet you somewhere in Portland... Thanks, Curtis (503)290-6424 [email protected]
  4. Pacific Northwest
    Hi there, Trying to figure out travel plans etc. for OTR, so would like to know: - Notes style i.e. Jemba Stage / pace / organizer-supplied? - recce available? - if so, 2-pass recce or 1-pass notes familiarization pass? - recce schedule? Thanks.
1-4 of 4 Results