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  1. USA
    Here’s a rundown of the stage records set on the Ojibwe Forests Rally this weekend. Either Higgins or Pastrana broke every existing record but one of Ken Block’s. Stage 1, 4 Crossroads Higgins smashes old regional rally record on SS 1. Stage 2, 5 Steamboat-Refuge Pastrana beats Higgins’s...
  2. Midwest
    I am having no luck finding the frequencies for Ojibwe. Trying to get packed to leave tomorrow and I'm stuck on this task. Will someone please point me to that info? Thanks Jeremy
  3. Co-Drivers
    We are looking for a co-driver for the Ojibwe Rally on August 23 - 24, 2013 in Detroit Lakes, MN. Would prefer someone with co-driver experience. Let us know via this post or email [[email protected]] if you are interested?
  4. Midwest
    The 2012 Ojibwe Forest Rally is rapidly approaching and we are in need of help! August 25th, 2012 This year brings a one day rally with new headquarters in Detroit Lakes, MN. We need to build 3 stage teams to cover 30 competitors and 98 stage miles! :cool: If you can help, please register to...
  5. Hitchhiker/Lodging/Looking For
    I'm In need of rooms for the night of the 20th at the holiday inn express. Please let me know if you are going to cancel your reservation or can consolidate at all:) Thank you, Jake
  6. Photos & Videos
    The photos are in from Adam Schreiner on assignment for DirtyImpreza.com at Ojibwe 2009. Here are some of his shots! Enjoy... View the entire gallery here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dirtyimpreza/sets/72157622124217447/ All shots are available in high-resolution for download courtesy...
  7. USA
    We are looking for a closed trailer to borrow for Ojibwe (August 27-30) in the Southern California area. Does anyone have one we could use or know of someone that has one? We don't have the resources to purchase one right now and we can't carry enough stuff with us in the open trailer all the...
  8. Midwest
    Hello everyone, I'd like to get an idea of if people would be interested in getting together before Ojibwe for a little BBQ. The format is kinda up in the air right now since I don't know how many people are interested but I'm opened to suggestions too. I was thinking something along the lines...
1-8 of 8 Results