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  1. USA
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! We're fast approaching 2016, and I'd personally like to take a few minutes to recap what NASA Rally Sport has accomplished for its 13th year of operation. Grab a hot cocoa, or some tea - or if you're like me - some coffee, put down the presents...
  2. USA
    I know there's a couple of new roads that RWV has gotten permissions for, and the current schedule calls for a 23 mile night stage, so it should be awesome! :cool: New long roads, lots of elevation, awesome mountaintop headquarters, night stages, and.... a Porsche 911 on the entry list? Kick...
  3. USA
    I came across an idea which at first seemed simple, then got complicated, but which ultimately became simple again (for me, at least). What is the procedural definition of DNS? When is DNS appropriate versus DNF? It's the multiple possible scenarios that made it interesting. Anders
  4. Pacific Southwest
    40 years ago the High Desert Trails Rally took participants on a 12 hour long journey down to Mojave, all the way up to Lake Isabella, and back to Ridgecrest on dirt roads and trails. In the beautiful flowing desert scenery of the area, stage rallying grew in Southern California much like it did...
  5. Pacific Southwest
    What a way to cap off the 2012 California Rally Series Championship! Lots of great competitors and lots of great competition! I'm stoked to be competing again, and Eddie just might convince me to stay in G2 and buy Hoche a turbo. ;) Michael Taylor - You and your team - Congrats! Volunteers &...
  6. Event Announcements
    Early entry is now open to the general public! :cool: As usual, entry is here: http://nasarallysport.com/nrsdb and the instant payment buttons are inside that account and will appear once you register. :D Ten entries already, should be a great year up there! Night stages? Oh yes. Huge jumps...
  7. USA
    Rally Sprint In A Box What is it? This is a simplified rally, that runs in one day, on one road, that happens with minimal volunteer requirements, minimal overhead, and still gets you out racing on a real forest road. How is that different than any other sprint? Everything has been done...
1-7 of 7 Results