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  1. USA
    Microsoft just posted up a tech article and video showing off their technology, but it's about a demo app called CO-RALLY, which features Bucky Lasek at Dirtfish and emphasizes the co-driver role - Cool! Check it out HERE
  2. Pacific Northwest
    By popular demand, the 2012 Mendocino Rally will include an optional recce Friday before the Welcome Party at Parducci Winery that night. All rallyists running the recce will receive pace notes incorporated into the route instructions at no additional cost. We are requesting Rally America...
  3. Pacific Northwest
    Hi there, Trying to figure out travel plans etc. for OTR, so would like to know: - Notes style i.e. Jemba Stage / pace / organizer-supplied? - recce available? - if so, 2-pass recce or 1-pass notes familiarization pass? - recce schedule? Thanks.
1-3 of 3 Results