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  1. Rally Cars For Sale
    1997 Dodge (Plymouth) Neon Rally Car For Sale is my built 97 Plymouth Neon Rally Car. This is a fully caged and prepped car and is ready to go with a couple tune up items. It has a Rally America log book, and you can use that to run NASA Rally and SCCA Rally Sprints as well. The car was built...
  2. Car Construction and Equipment
    All, I am new to the forums. Racing a stage rally car has been something that I have wanted to do for 15 years. I'm now finally at a position in life that I can do it and I decided take the plunge and purchase a car for some NASA racing next season. I have two options in font me at the...
  3. World
    2013 FIA WRC Calendar 1. Monte-Carlo (January 15-20) 2. Sweden (February 7-10) 3. Mexico (March 7-10) 4. Portugal (April 11-14) 5. Argentina (May 2-5) 6. Greece (May 30-June 2) 7. Italy (June 20-23) 8. Finland (August 1-3) 9. Germany (August 22-25) 10. Australia (September 12-15) 11...
  4. USA
    Lots of high powered AWD machinery crashing out... leaving 2WD as dominant! :) (Egan is DNF... little bug in the code somewhere.)
  5. Pacific Southwest
    Greetings! I'm sure you'll see the PR - so I'll forgo some of the marketing here and get down to biz. Early entry will open (tomorrow) Monday, February 8th. http://highdeserttrails.com/competitors/ * One day - compact rally - Co(2) event * Great novice and starter event * Discount for attending...
  6. Photos & Videos
    Being a curious person, I did a little research this afternoon. I searched the Photos & Videos forum to see which rallies have the best photo/video coverage. I used the "entire topics" search with the following keywords and got the results you see below. This is not a fully scientific study...
  7. Pacific Northwest
    Hi guys! We've been working with Formula RallyX for a while trying to put together a new event. It's shaping up to be a great 2-day event. We're hoping for minimum 2 minute runs on this site for the average driver. Important: please read the NASA RallyX Safety Rules. Also, since this is a...
1-7 of 7 Results