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  1. USA
    Victory at the 1973 High Desert Trails for RC Laton and Gerry Finn The rally was originally run in 1973 by Mike Gibeault & Gary Potts. It used roads South East and West of Ridgecrest, California that are now mostly part of an OHV trail system or paved. In the seventies, performance rallies were...
  2. Co-Drivers
    Co-driver looking to learn about WRC history Hello! I'm am looking for any books or resources that others have in reference to the WRC. If you have books that you are willing to loan me, please pm me or email me at cosneraj at clarkson dot edu. Internet sources, please message me a link...
  3. USA
    Greetings all! As a lot of you know, Christine and I resurrected the High Desert Trails rally a week or so ago. Working with the Hockers (who ran HDT last year as a "shakedown" and a beta test for the Ridgecrest Motorsports Facility) The event was a big success and we are looking to continue...
1-3 of 3 Results