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  1. Rally Cars For Sale
    1997 Dodge (Plymouth) Neon Rally Car For Sale is my built 97 Plymouth Neon Rally Car. This is a fully caged and prepped car and is ready to go with a couple tune up items. It has a Rally America log book, and you can use that to run NASA Rally and SCCA Rally Sprints as well. The car was built...
  2. Rally Cars For Sale
    Hey all. Preferable a RWD. FWD second choice. 4WD if I don't have a lot of options at this late stage which is likely. Doesn't need to be a beast that will win, I am not that fast anyway. Anything from a 70's Toyota, a 90's VW, to a new Subie will work, just needs to be solid, maintained and...
  3. Rally Cars For Sale
    BRING ME YOUR TIRED, YOUR WORN-OUT, YOUR GOLFS, YOUR CIVICS, ETC.! Who knows! I am looking for a G2 car that's ready to rock on the cheap. Around $4k is my happy spot. I'd like if it has a current logbook and is ready to hit the road. I can understand if it needs a little work but that should...
  4. USA
    I wanted to compliment two local teams for their great performances at the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood. Mark & John Hubbe in their wicked Beetle really put on a great show and took 2nd place in G2 for both rallies. :eek: Great job in a 40+ year old car! :D Also Viburnum local James Haas and...
  5. Pacific Southwest
    A friend sent me this link -- workable Golf, in Pasadena, reasonable price. Car was purchased in Arizona, brought to SoCal. Owner has one project (at least one) too many. May be ready to go. Listing here. This is your chance if you've been looking for a way to get started rallying! Dick
1-5 of 5 Results