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  1. USA
    Hey there, I was wondering if anyone new of an event thats autocross with rallycars? Basically a scaled down GRC and if not anyone have any ideas why this hasn't been a thing yet as it sounds sick to me? Thanks
  2. RallyCross
    This is every car from the final at Las Vegas warming its tires and using launch control. I think its pretty interesting how they all launched a bit differently. Obviously different cars, but aren't all but one running the Sadev gearbox? and aren't they all on a control tire...
  3. RallyCross
    British Driver Kevin Procter swept all before him and won the C, B and A Final to win in France! Worth a read folks;) http://erc24.com/2012/04/brit-gains-phenomenal-win-in-france/?fb_comment_id=fbc_10150801567342958_22809483_10150801696602958#f157bbb7ca7a302
1-3 of 5 Results