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  1. Wheels and Tires
    Price drop! Brand new, BFG/Michelin 14/60-14 TL80 (Hard compound) tires. Mounted/balanced on OEM VW bottle caps, 14x6 et38. I would like to sell them together but I can have them separated for $20. Just tires: $700 +$20 Tires+Wheels $850 Pick up is highly preferred, but I will ship at...
  2. New Member Forum - Introduce Yourself
    Hello you dirty creatures, My name is Nick, checking-in from Tasmania! After a couple of years rallying a Mazda 323 4WD Turbo way back in the early 00s, the bug has finally bitten hard enough for me to consider another foray onto the dirt!! This time, I'm thinking something FAR less scary...
1-2 of 44 Results