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  1. USA
    Gorman is a rally that defines the toughness and spirit of Southern California rally competitors. If you’re from out of town, don’t call it “rough”. Gorman is the reason competitors from here are often successful all over the US. It’s a rally that teaches you what rocks and terrain to avoid. It...
  2. Pacific Southwest
    From the Gorman Ridge Rally Organizers from the event's Facebook page: Dear CRS Competitors, Considering that Gorman Ridge Rally (Sat, Aug 23rd in Lebec, CA) has opened up its entry, we thought we'd dispel a few myths. 5 Myths About the Gorman Ridge Rally Totally Sucking. It Sucks...
  3. USA
    Gorman was my first rally and a first for sandra an i together, shw has raced many time with her dad tony chavez. I have no words to describe the feeling on how awesome it was, we had a blast and i will always be special for us.Thank you to the organizer and the volunteers. This is just the...
  4. Photos & Videos
    A little behind the scenes, a little overview, some YouTubery... I'm trying it out. Hope you enjoy it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3utmtn-rtjc - Kris
1-4 of 6 Results