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  1. Pacific Southwest
    From the Gorman Ridge Rally Organizers from the event's Facebook page: Dear CRS Competitors, Considering that Gorman Ridge Rally (Sat, Aug 23rd in Lebec, CA) has opened up its entry, we thought we'd dispel a few myths. 5 Myths About the Gorman Ridge Rally Totally Sucking. It Sucks...
  2. USA
    Sounds like there's a few questions on this issue, so I'll clear it up while I have just a second. :) So if you have an RA logbooked, RA legal car, it can run at Magnum Opus by passing the RA rules. Yes, NRS rules require FIA seats for vehicles that get NRS log books. But that has zero...
  3. Photos & Videos
  4. USA
    Question, what are the largest cash purses that have been offered in rally, in the US? (This is the USA forum.) I'll break it down into two sections: "Modern Rally", which I'll define as any time during the existence of the sanctioning bodies that are currently operating, so, since 2003...
  5. Pacific Northwest
    Primitive is putting on another RALLY DRIVING SCHOOL March 18-20th in Hillsboro, OR. The field is grass covered, flat and relatively easy on cars. Great for beginners and intermediate drivers wanting some seat time and expert feedback. Groundschool is Friday evening, with the exercises and...
  6. Pacific Southwest
    Main thread here: http://www.specialstage.com/forums/showthread.php?p=299896 Supplementary Rules and Regulations: http://www.sdr-scca.com/RallyCross/Schedule/2009/flyer-2009-04-04.pdf Online Entry Form ('RX Entry' about 3/4 of the way down the page): http://www.rallydata.com
1-6 of 6 Results