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  1. New Member Forum - Introduce Yourself
    Hi, I just participated in the California Rally Series Rally School weekend. I knowingly brought an inappropriate car (C63 AMG) because I wanted the seat time and to learn how to control it in difficult situations. I'm trying to link with the people I've just met but there is no active forum...
  2. Pacific Southwest
    On the CRS website, the link to the Forum points to this section yet there is no activity since 2014! I'm not sure if the forum format is not conducive for people to talk & share photos/videos, so I started this Facebook group: California Rally Series Enthusiasts. I'm not trying to step...
  3. Pacific Southwest
    I just wanted to get this thread started sooner rather then Thursday night. :) Rallynotes Team All of our team updates will be on rallynotes.com - http://rallynotes.com/tumblelog/ @rallynotes I will be using #usrally for updates on Twitter. I will also use #crsrally for some stuff - but this...
  4. USA
    Hi everybody. I'm starting a Facebook group called North American Rallyist. This group page is intended to connect rally teams, drivers, co drivers, crews, and event organizers who are passionate about the sport in an effort to communicate, help each other, and promote events better and faster...
1-4 of 4 Results