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  1. USA
    Powers, MI, USA photo courtesy of Jerry Winker Chris Greenhouse and Ryan Scott took their Dodge Neon SRT4 to the overall win at their first attempt at Central UP Rally. Heavy rain created treacherous road conditions, but the team was undeterred and took the win not only against the...
  2. Rally Cars For Sale
    1997 Dodge (Plymouth) Neon Rally Car For Sale is my built 97 Plymouth Neon Rally Car. This is a fully caged and prepped car and is ready to go with a couple tune up items. It has a Rally America log book, and you can use that to run NASA Rally and SCCA Rally Sprints as well. The car was built...
  3. USA
    I don't often say much about the state of rally in North America, good or bad. Rally is something that I would much rather *do* then talk about. A lot of people here in NARDG have some heartburn over the way things have been going lately in the USA. I would say to anyone currently competing...
  4. New Member Forum - Introduce Yourself
    Hello Special Stage, my name is Ryan Uebelhor. I'm 20 and completing my undergrad in TN. I've loved rally since I was a kid and was recently able to pick up a 1977 Mitsubishi/Dodge Lancer rally car. It's a California car in fantastic condition that is fairly close to road-ready with only a...
  5. Car Construction and Equipment
    So ive been looking for a cheap truck to tow my 2.5rs coupe. It will only be used 1-2 times a month to tow to rallyx events. My budget is >$4k. I found a 01 ram 1500 with the 5.9l and auto trans. the motor was replaced has 80k, rear end was rebuilt and trans was replaced. also has brand new 2500...
  6. Street Vehicles For Sale
    I am selling only to go to a different platform. There is nothing wrong with the car. I drive it daily to and form work which is a 150 mile round trip. Timing Belt was changed about 5000 miles ago. Located in Charlotte, NC Mod List: Big Wheel Stage 3 (20G Compressor Wheel, ported Compressor...
  7. Car Construction and Equipment
    Greets, The rallynotes.com build process is well underway - but I thought I'd stop in here and post pics of the new cage built by Streetwise Motorsports. Lots more in the gallery at rallynotes.com : http://rallynotes.com/gallery/2011-2gn-neon-rally-car-roll-cage - Kris
1-7 of 7 Results