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  1. Electronics
    Zeron 880 rally computer (for tsd class E rallying). Zeron's top of the line computer, runs perfectly, but since I haven't used it in several years, I need to reduce my inventory of rally equipment. This unit will make your rallying much more enjoyable than running stock or using a GPS with it's...
  2. Electronics
    Timewise 547B Rally Computer - SOLD SOLD - Timewise 547B Rally Computer all buttons, knobs and toggles work 100%, paper manual included Timewise 547B Rally computer . . . Face has some wear, but everything is legible . . . . shows instantaneous speed in Timer display while in "Pro" Mode...
  3. TSD and Rallycross
    Hello all, For anyone here that does TSD (Time-Speed-Distance) rallying, you might find this new rally computer of interest: http://www.3peakengineering.com/motorsport/rally-computers/tsd-rally-runner/ It’s called TSD Rally Runner and it is full of features specifically designed to help TSD...
  4. USA
    I have recently released an app for the iPad called the TSD Rally Computer. You can find more information on my web site at http://www.msyapps.com where screen shots will give you a general idea of its capabilities. For more detailed information, you may download the documentation at...
  5. Electronics
    Terratrip 202. Used in two rallies. Works perfectly. Decided to go a different way. Email for pics if needed. Can supply sensors at an additional cost. Asking 250.00 Doug Davenport davenportracingusa at q.com
  6. Workers
    I have used the SS forums search tools, but all my queries tend to yield results for full-blown rally computers... I work as many rallies as I can, and am Radio Co-Chief at STPR. Accordingly, I have had a fair number of occasions where I needed to site (flagging/install marker posts) or locate...
1-6 of 6 Results