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  1. Mountain
    dunno if some of you have or haven't seen but rally co is off the national calendar: http://www.rally-america.com/story.php?article=540 and the future of rally colorado (and thus the crc probably) seems to be in question...
  2. Colorado Rally Cup
    Ok, So we are working on finalizing some very exciting deals for you guys as well as the schedule for 2009. Hopefully in the next week or two there will be some really exciting announcements to be made. In the mean time, here is a little preview of what we will be doing for 2009. 1) There...
  3. Colorado Rally Cup
    So Rally Colorado marked the end of the first year of the Colorado Rally Cup. We certainly learned a lot. We tried a lot of things, some of them worked, some of them didn't. We have a list of changes and tweaks for 2009 as well as some very exciting things that I am working on for you guys...
  4. Colorado Rally Cup
    dunno who's seen this but here you go: http://www.rally-america.com/story.php?article=369 it's a link from the front page
  5. Mountain
    If anybody wants to pick up some extra SD cards for their GoPros but does have time just drop me a note. I should be able to pick up some 5 mbps 2gb cards for about $13-14.00 each or 10 mbps 2gb cards for about $15.00. If you let me know by Tuesday/Wednesday I can have them at Parc Expose on...
  6. Colorado Rally Cup
    So, I'm planning on going to Rally Colorado. I'm from CA, so I don't need Colorado Rally Cup points, nor do I want to interfere with the standings, but I like to support regional series however I can. Would it be appropriate for me to run CRC stickers on my car? If so, how can I get some? I'd...
  7. Mountain
    Nothing nice here. Actually there may be a good list. Scott Leonard: Will win it with the greatest of ease but will probably DNF on the last stage because his arm will fall off or he'll be a victom of Animal Strikes. Grant Huges: Will finish the race but with hardly any body pannels...
  8. Mountain
    So who is planning on running the event from Colorado? We are trying to get a handle on the number of entrants. If you aren't planning on it, let me know why. One typical reasons I've heard lately is the need for Head and Neck restraints. If that is genuinely your reason let me know as well.
  9. Colorado Rally Cup
    Guys, This directly pertains to those of you that do not have a current Rally-America non-provisional license. Brian and I just got off of a phone call with Rally-America and Rally Colorado officials discussing the licensing issues that some of you face. We have gone over a list of things that...
  10. Colorado Rally Cup
    Kevin, are you going to update the CRC site with the results from the rallycross last sunday? there was an event, even if almost no one attended... Who's going to Victor? Scott
  11. Colorado Rally Cup
    The parts I need haven't arrived from the UK yet and the transmission isn't back together yet so I'm not going to be able to get my car ready for Sunday. Anyone with a 2WD rally car willing to let me dual drive their car? I promise I won't beat you. :) PM me if you are.
  12. Colorado Rally Cup
    First of all, Thanks to the organizers of Rally Colorado for generously hosting the Colorado Rally Cup at their organizer meeting tonight. It was great to get everybody up to date and let them know what the CRC has going on, we are really excited for Rally Colorado! Three things came out of...
  13. Colorado Rally Cup
    Will be working on them sporadically throughout the week. Send me anything you think needs changed either via email or PM or pictures, etc. Unless your name is Nick.
  14. Colorado Rally Cup
    Are now available on the front page of the CRC site, in both Google Earth coordinates for the start line of each event, and a PDF with written directions. I came back on Monday to a few emails from competitors and spectators that had sent emails on Friday after I'd left asking for directions...
  15. Colorado Rally Cup
    First of all, photos can be found at http://www.KevinHahnPhotography.com/2008/CRCEvent2 , and there is special CRC pricing for those interested. Second of all, congratulations to all of the rally competitors. Not only did at least 5 teams post times faster than the record before the event...
  16. Colorado Rally Cup
    Do you like to draw, doodle, or randomly scribble rally related pictures when you should be working? Are you a co-driver who gets so bored with chickenfoot drivers that you make funny little cartoons in the pace notes at events? Well the CRC needs you! OK Enough of the BS...
  17. Colorado Rally Cup
    So... IT is a lot harder to write the freaking profile survey than I thought it would be. Here is what I have come up with so far, comments, suggestions, or a general you suck/it sucks will all be welcome.... Depending on the usefulness of comments and feedback there will be a downloadable...
  18. Colorado Rally Cup
    Well....lets hear it. Its been too quiet in here the last few days. Dave
  19. Colorado Rally Cup
    Special Stage was nice enough to provide us with out very own subforum for the Colorado Rally Cup. We will be posting bulletins, official announcements, points updates, and general news here for discussion and feedback. Also, it is my hope that we can get some race reports, team updates, and...
1-19 of 19 Results