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  1. Photos & Videos
    in car of grant hughes driving and myself co-driving on our final run at the buena vista hill climb. we lost our windshield the previous day when grant forgot to put the hood pins down. the organizers said that if we took it out and put on additional eye protection we could keep running. so with...
  2. Mountain
    so, this has been hashed out again and again, but there is currently a rule change in the chca ballot for a 20 competitor limit. now, i read the rules, and the rally cars are classified as a class with no direct rule distinction between awd and 2wd. the first indication of the difference...
  3. Mountain
    So got a call from Vicky. She's trying to confirm numbers by this weekend for the Friday Oct 18th CHCA awards banquet. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up, though I suspect many got a call from her already. The awards banquets are pretty fun, but Mark and I will be gone that weekend so...
  4. Mountain
    I am working on some sponsorship related things for the CRC for 2008 and need to get the actually spectator numbers for the CHCA events. These figures are not at this time being made available to me as a non-member (and I am not buying a membership just to get them). It occures to me that the...
1-4 of 4 Results